Your Gift in Action

Donations to Saint Therese Make an Impact

Philanthropy at Saint Therese enhances care, inspires innovation and helps secure the financial strength of the organization. We rely on the generosity of our residents, families, friends and the community to help us continue to provide the highest quality housing and care to seniors. Many of the unique programs and services that make Saint Therese such a special place to call home are made possible by the generosity of donors.

Enhance Care
With the support of the community, we work every day to enhance the care we provide with special offerings such as: robust pastoral care programs, peaceful worship spaces, special outings and beautiful landscaping that surrounds each of our buildings.

Inspire Innovation
The generosity of donors inspires innovation and gives us the resources to explore new ways to serve individuals at Saint Therese. Initiatives such as our balance and aquatic therapy programs were made possible by donors. Now we are able to help residents and tenants achieve better balance and improve their active lifestyles.

Secure Financial Strength
Contributions help us secure financial strength for our future through organizational and named endowments. When designated, these donations help ensure the exceptional work Saint Therese is doing will continue for years to come.

A Community of Faith

There’s a reason the Saint Therese Pastoral Care program is readily available to all tenants and residents: generous supporters give of their time and funds to ensure that Pastoral Care remains the heart of Saint Therese and the lifeline of our mission. We recognize the impact spiritual care has on overall health and healing and it has thus become an integral part of the health care provided. Not only has charitable support helped make the ongoing pastoral care programming that we have possible, it has also enhanced our chapel and outdoor spaces to bring spirituality to the forefront for everyone. The stain glass windows in all of our communities, the labyrinth at Saint Therese of Woodbury and the Stations of the Cross at Saint Therese of New Hope were all made possible by the generous support of our donors.

Oxbow Lake Bus FundraiserA Community Effort

Tenants at Oxbow Lake rely on transportation for social outings and access to local stores. For many years, the Oxbow Lake campus depended on the use of the buses from the New Hope campus to transport residents to outings. The sharing of buses often caused scheduling conflicts.

In 2015, the Doug and Pat Lewis Family generously stepped forward with a matching gift toward a new bus for Saint Therese at Oxbow Lake. Tenants, donors and neighbors came together to raise the funds needed; including a variety show hosted by Oxbow Lake tenants. Over $80,000 total was raised thanks to the generosity of our donors. Today, tenants enjoy outings to local stores, theater and more.

A Healthy CommunityNeuroCom Machine

At Saint Therese, our donors are committed to inspiring innovative programs to ensure as many of our residents live as independently as possible.

In 2011, donors generously donated over $125,000 to fund a new therapy program that specializes in treating balance type disorders in older adults with the goal of preventing falls and increasing independence. Using the NASA developed NeuroCom® Balance Master, therapists are now able to evaluate an individual’s balance and use objective data to create a custom rehabilitation plan for each person.

Today, these programs not only serve our campuses, but are available to older adults in the surrounding communities as well.