A Day in the Life at Saint Therese of New Hope

Meet Ruth

Ruth likes to make sure she has a banana every morning. She knows the potassium is good for her. Weekly, she rides the Saint Therese of New Hope bus to the new Hy-Vee store where she picks up her groceries for the week, including six bananas.  She doesn’t need one for Sunday because she goes to brunch with the girls after Mass in the chapel. Usually they head to the Maple Grove shopping district to dine at one of the many restaurants. Ruth thinks this week they’ll choose Granite City, one of her favorites. Since she doesn’t drive, she loves living among friends who do and in a community that offers transportation.

Ruth’s portable rolling cart fits all her groceries for the week. She doesn’t have to worry about planning dinner; most nights she eats in the dining room. With restaurant-style dining there are always healthy options for her to choose from, which is good, because then she can justify satisfying her sweet tooth with one of the fabulous desserts.

Ruth usually takes an evening walk after dinner. She goes with her neighbor, Delores, in the healing gardens on campus. Sometimes they bring weights for an extra challenge. Ruth and Delores often stroll through the Way of the Cross stations and sometimes stop and say a prayer thanking God for their good graces.

After their walk, Ruth and Delores swing by the Café Rose for a glass of water. They like sitting in the campus center to watch all the visitors come and go. Ruth often sees many of the residents she plays Scrabble with on Thursday afternoons. She likes volunteering in the care center because, honestly, it doesn’t feel like volunteering. The men and women she plays with have become her friends. She recently inspired Delores to volunteer but she does so in the Gift Shop with the women of the Auxiliary.  Ruth is considering becoming an Auxiliary member.

Delores and Ruth became friends after meeting in the Wellness Center five years before. Ruth initially came to Saint Therese for a short stay in the transitional care unit after knee replacement surgery.  She was referred by a friend who raved about the therapy aiding in a speedy recovery after a fall. After being introduced by Ruth’s physical therapist, Delores and Ruth became treadmill buddies. A few lunch dates in the café and a trip to the onsite beauty shop brought these two closer.

After a week at Saint Therese, Ruth knew she was ready to sell her home and move-in full-time.  It wasn’t until the end of her stay in transitional care that Delores mentioned the apartment next to her and her husband recently became available. Before she knew it, Ruth’s family had unloaded the last box from the moving truck.

Life is so easy at Saint Therese. Wellness check-ups and pharmacy visits are literally a few steps away.  She doesn’t need to call her kids every time she wants to go to Mass, run errands, or visit with friends. She’s also more social than she has been in her whole life. Ruth can’t stop telling her family and friends how she wished she would’ve moved in sooner!

Ruth at Brunch in Maple Grove
Way of the Cross Stations at Saint Therese of New Hope
Ruth and Delores Walking with weights in the healing gardens