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New Hope Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I think my loved one needs support to maintain his or her independence?
First, assess their safety. That is of primary importance.Can they safely continue to live without some level of support? Saint Therese staff is available to assist you with any questions.

What should I do if I think my loved one needs full-time nursing care?
First, speak to his or her physician. Then, call Saint Therese and schedule a tour. You can also just stop in. Our staff will explain different options to help you determine the right solution.

Where should I direct my questions?
The best place to start would be our Director of Social Services. 

How is the cost of care financed?
The Saint Therese of New Hope Residence is private pay, but may also accept government subsidy. The Saint Therese of New Hope Care Center accepts private pay, Medicare, Medical Assistance and managed care, among others. 

Do you have to be Catholic for the programs offered?
While we are a Catholic-based organization, Saint Therese accepts all faiths and fully supports the spiritual needs of each individual.

How does Saint Therese stay connected with the families of residents and tenants?
Saint Therese encourages families and friends to visit and visit often. Come share a meal, go shopping or join in an event. The staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns. Saint Therese offers a variety of support groups to support families.

Does Saint Therese of New Hope have an onsite pharmacy?
Yes, but residents and tenants have other options too.

Do you have detailed statements showing medications, dates and costs?
Yes, all you have to do is request it.

If a drug is not covered by insurance and too expensive to pay out of pocket, must it still be taken?
The pharmacy would need to check with the physician and the health unit coordinator as to whether or not the medication needs to be filled.

How do I know if Saint Therese is a good fit?
Touring the campus is the best place to start. Get a feel for the atmosphere and talk with staff, residents/tenants and their family members. You may also want to talk with a spiritual advisor, physician or both.

Are there restricted visiting hours?
Saint Therese does not have set visiting hours. You also do not need an appointment to visit. We always encourage family and friends to visit often and whenever they can.

Can I share a meal with my loved one?
Absolutely. We have a cozy coffee shop that provides a place for you to enjoy a meal and spend time together. Visitors can purchase food and residents can receive their meal in the Cafe Rose. In the apartments, you may share a meal with your loved one in the dining room or in his or her apartment.

Do meals accommodate personal preferences?
Saint Therese strives to serve our residents’ and tenants’ favorite foods. We always have an alternative menu in case someone does not prefer what is being served. Resident Circle and Tenant Food Forum groups meet regularly to discuss and sample new menu ideas. We also try to meet special requests. At any time, questions can be directed to one of our dieticians or nutrition services personnel.

Is Saint Therese a safe place to live?
The safety of your loved one is a top priority at Saint Therese. We have many different measures in place that range from security personnel, cameras and secured entries to industry specific measures, including compliance with the Vulnerable Adult Act.


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