Saint Therese of Woodbury
7555 Bailey Road
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Hospice Care in Woodbury, MN - Now Open!

In addition to the compassionate 24-hour care provided by Saint Therese of Woodbury, trusted outside agencies will provide hospice care to residents in need. Saint Therese of Woodbury does not provide its own hospice care.

What is hospice care?
When a physician has indicated that a patient is in the final stages of a terminal illness, hospice care provides for the patient’s physical, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural needs. The philosophy of hospice is to shift from medical treatments to focus on relieving pain and other symptoms. The caregivers’ goal is to enhance the quality of remaining life by keeping the patient as alert and comfortable as possible in a soothing environment surrounded by family and friends.

Hospice care includes medical attention with a focus on pain and symptom control, counseling and social support for the patient and loved ones, guidance with difficult issues, respite care for caregivers and volunteer support.

Who provides hospice care?
The hospice care team including physician and nurses, social workers, spiritual advisors, nursing assistants and trained volunteers tend to patients around the clock, with special ministering to loved ones to help them through the process.


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