Hospice and Palliative Care

There are two different approaches to end of life and comfort care available at Saint Therese.

It’s not easy to talk about serious illness or end of life with your loved one. It is extremely emotional, but it’s one of the most important conversations you can have, not only to understand their wishes but also to find care that will best allow your loved one to enjoy their remaining life.

Palliative Care

The focus of palliative care is to provide comfort measures and control the pain and symptoms of serious illness while meeting each individual’s physical and emotional needs. Even the environment — colors, sounds and smells —is designed to gently soothe and comfort. Palliative care does not depend on life expectancy and may be pursued at the same time as curative efforts.

Hospice Care

Hospice care has many similarities to palliative care however the philosophy of hospice is to shift from medical treatments to focus on relieving pain and other symptoms. Hospice is a Medicare benefit that provides care for terminally ill residents who have only months to live, as diagnosed by their physician. Hospice care at Saint Therese is provided by a 3rd party of your choice at one of our communities. We oversee the day-to-day care and work closely with the hospice partner to coordinate care.

Both palliative and hospice care at Saint Therese offer:

  • Comfort-focused care.
  • Commitment to quality of life.
  • Assistance with activities of daily living.
  • Spiritual care and emotional support to help residents and families address their fears and worries so that life remains meaningful and purposeful.

Once the care giving role is shifted to Saint Therese, you are free to simply enjoy the relationship with your loved one once again. It will give you peace of mind knowing your loved one is comfortable in a community founded on love and compassion.

“We are here to allow families to just be. We ask them to let us take care of their loved one and make them comfortable so they can cherish the moments that are remaining.”
- Nolay F., Nurse Manager at Saint Therese at St. Odilia