What's Right for Me?

We're here to help. 

Our mission of serving seniors doesn’t just start after an individual makes Saint Therese home. Caring for an aging loved one can be one of the most uneasy, stressful milestones for families. To further complicate matters, parents and siblings often share varying opinions about how to best accommodate mom or dad’s newfound situation. Even with a wealth of resources available, figuring out what’s next can be overwhelming.

That's why Saint Therese employees are happy to offer an ear to listen and a voice to help guide conversation about the aging journey. We seek to eliminate the confusion associated with planning senior care or housing. We can start with a phone call or meet with you to learn more about your unique situation. Then, together with your family, we can help guide your next steps.

Saint Therese is your resource:

  • Learn how valuable it is to reside in a continuum of care senior community.
  • Get connected with the right contacts to make moving easier.
  • Get help finding transportation and concierge options.
  • Learn about our one-on-one companion visits.
  • Benefit from our compassionate pastoral care services.
  • See our options for housing, inpatient and outpatient rehab/therapy options as well as home care.
  • Attend one of our support groups.
  • Become a volunteer.

You're welcome to call us anytime. And know you're not committing to anything more than a phone call or a visit. We simply want to help reduce any anxiety you may have about your next steps. And, as part of our mission of serving seniors, we're proud to be your resource for absolutely no charge.