Why Senior Living

Seniors agree: senior living communities are the preferred option. 

As a senior or family member caring for an older adult, what’s the first thought that pops into your mind when you think of “senior living”? Although mixed emotions are certainly understandable, you may be surprised to hear the responses from seniors currently living in senior living communities who were asked that very question in a recent Varsity Project survey:

  • Freedom
  • Peace of mind
  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Relaxation

Amenities and Social Engagement

One of the top reasons older adults favor senior living communities is the incredible range of amenities offered. Imagine everything you could possibly need within immediate proximity: shopping, dining, wellness and exercise programs, beauty services, a theater, medical care, chapel, library and more!

Add to that the enhanced socialization opportunities, which are so crucial to health and well-being. Studies have shown that the benefits of remaining social are numerous:

  • Reduces risk of disability
  • Reduces risk of depression and pain
  • Protects the brain from mental decline
  • Increases both quality and length of life

A Seamless Continuum of Care

At Saint Therese, we are able to accommodate many different levels of care which can be easily adjusted as care needs change. This allows for a seamless continuum of care. And for senior couples, a continuum of care allows them to remain living together, regardless of varying care needs.

The Saint Therese Difference

With so many retirement community options to choose from, Saint Therese stands out from the crowd. Taking a tour of one of our campuses allows seniors and their loved ones to see for themselves the heightened quality of life afforded to our residents.

Spiritual Care

In addition to the many customized services available, we provide the unique opportunity for spiritual and pastoral care – a holistic approach to care not realized by many other facilities.

Our pastoral care team recognizes that each resident needs to receive comprehensive care. This concept embraces not only the physical needs of the individual, but also the spiritual, emotional and social needs. We recognize family members need support too which is why we invite family to participate in spiritual care at Saint Therese ranging from caregiver support groups to the ministry of presence.

Increased Independence

Many seniors have concerns that moving to a senior living community will reduce their independence. Every new move comes with concerns, however senior living, more often than not, increases independence. Offering an all-inclusive lifestyle, Saint Therese frees individuals from many of the responsibilities of home maintenance allowing them to focus on enjoying the things they love. And with conveniences such as onsite doctor, dentist and seamstress visits along with grocery delivery and more, seniors are less reliant on family members to help with small tasks. All these conveniences under one roof also ensures residents stay safely inside when weather complicates driving conditions, a common problem during Minnesota winters.

Planned Outings and Concierge Transportation

Although we take pride in each Saint Therese community, we know there’s still a full world of interest outside of our campuses. Throughout the year, we provide planning and transportation services for a variety of fun outings, helping to foster social connections and keep life exciting!

We’re diverse, flexible, and always focused on making life enjoyable for our residents. At Saint Therese, there’s truly no place like home.


Saint Therese offers senior fitness through Wellness Center memberships to our residents as well as community members. This includes one-on-one and group fitness sessions.


Those who have undergone therapy here know firsthand about our top notch physical, occupational and speech therapists; allowing seniors to receive necessary therapy right on campus.

Questions to Ask When Searching for a Senior Living Community

As you’re reviewing senior living options, getting answers to these questions can help:

  • Do you have a restriction on visiting hours?
  • What amenities are offered?
  • How do you keep your community safe?
  • Are there a variety of meal choices available?
  • What transportation options do you offer?
  • Can we see a copy of your activity calendar?
  • What payment options are available?
  • Is a residency agreement available for review before move-in?
  • Does the community allow professionals outside of the campus, such as home health and visiting physicians to help the residents inside the campus?