Why Saint Therese

Experience the Saint Therese difference.

Philosophy of Care

Founded in 1968, Saint Therese has evolved over the decades, expanding our care and services to anticipate and address the changing needs of seniors.

The Saint Therese philosophy of care is anchored in our history. As an extension of the mission and purpose of the Sisters of Saint Benedict, Saint Therese has been guided by the belief that all shall be received as Christ.

Saint Therese recognizes that our residents need to receive comprehensive care in a dignified and respectful manner. This concept embraces not only the physical needs of our residents, but also the spiritual, emotional and social needs.

A Seamless Continuum of Care

At Saint Therese, we are able to accommodate many different levels of care which can be easily adjusted as care needs change. This allows for a seamless continuum of care. And for senior couples, a continuum of care allows them to remain living together, regardless of varying care needs.

Healing through Faith

With our history grounded in the Catholic faith, Saint Therese has evolved to spiritually serve each individual by offering support in a variety of faiths. Our pastoral care team plays an important role in the spiritual growth and healing process for many of our residents and their families.

Spirituality is the deepest dimension of all life. Part of the function of aging is to reflect on one’s life and resolve it. Aging ultimately is a spiritual journey; with pastoral care present to prompt the questions engaging seniors in telling their life story, praying with them through the rough chapters, coming to resolution and peace and leaving a legacy for their loved ones. We recognize this is a sacred time in the lives of our residents which needs to be handled with dignity.

Family Support

Family members are an important part of our communities. Not only do residents need support from staff, but so do family members. Saint Therese provides dementia support groups, family circle meetings, family-oriented events, volunteer opportunities, social services, pastoral care and much more.

Sense of Community

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the greatest difference. All the small things we do and see each day are what provides our residents with a sense of community and why so many are grateful to call Saint Therese home.

Community is built when a 92-year-old resident shares her dream to travel to Hawaii and a group of volunteers and staff work together to bring Hawaii to her; complete with a hula dancer and luau music.

It is an employee recognizing the need for spiritual guidance during an Ebola outbreak half a world away; who decides to help launch a service for all staff to pray, to remember and to ease the pain of unimaginable loss.

Community happens when a family sees an opportunity to change lives and offers a matching $35,000 donation to provide a bus for residents to remain active and independent.

Legacy Letters
It is the pastoral care staff that meets with residents to write legacy letters to leave a gift to the community with answers to questions so often unasked.

An Angel Farewell
When a loved one passes away, it’s the Saint Therese community of staff and family that come together to sing in harmony offering a peaceful farewell and reminder to know how much we care.

Together, these inspiring actions and selfless decisions continue to shape Saint Therese into more than just a place for older adults to live and receive care. The community built at Saint Therese encourages each individual to choose to live a vibrant life.