Why Saint Therese

Where every individual grows the heart of our community.

Compassionate Continuum of Care

Saint Therese's story started 50 years ago, inspired by the Sisters of Saint Benedict who receive all as Christ. Over five decades, Saint Therese has thoughtfully grown around what's right for our residents, their families and the neighborhoods we serve. We are a part of something bigger; establishing a place where everyone feels welcomed, valued and loved. 

At Saint Therese, we're blessed with the resources to follow each individual's story as it unfolds. Today, we have five Twin Cities' senior living communities providing a continuum of compassionate care that incorporates everything from independent living to skilled nursing support and memory care, designed to empower residents to live as they choose.  Whether it's with an ear to listen or a helping hand, our continuum of care stays with you every step of the way.

Healing Through Faith

With our history grounded in the Catholic faith, Saint Therese has evolved to spiritually serve each individual by offering support in a variety of faiths. Our pastoral care team plays an important role in the spiritual growth and healing process for many of our residents and their families.

Aging is a spiritual journey. At Saint Therese, pastoral care is always there for residents and their families; every day to celebrate triumph and joy or be present through grief and anxiety. We listen with our hearts and advocate for each senior's wellbeing. 

Valuing Each Individual

We are driven by compassionate care for our residents as well as their loved ones. We consider family members, friends and loved ones of our residents to be an important part of our community. Every one is welcome to benefit from our dementia support groups, family circle meetings, family-oriented events, volunteer opportunities, social services, pastoral care and much more.

Sense of Community

We believe in the importance of little things. Small yet meaningful details that turn a place into a community. Rehab into recovery. Housing into a home. And caregiver into a friend. That's what it means to do ordinary things with extraordinary love. It's a way of life for Saint Therese that guides our path every day.

Whether it’s days or decades in the making, everyone has a personal story. And here, those stories continue to gain new chapters. Ones filled with heartfelt compassion, new friends and plans for tomorrow whether you’re here for a short-term stay or are a new resident in our community. Saint Therese is rich with thoughtful amenities and ample opportunities for physical wellness, spiritual connection and social activities.